Land Management

Cedar Law provides full legal support for First Nations land management under the Indian Act, self-government agreements and Land Code.

Past work includes:

  • service agreements
  • additions to reserve
  • permits, leases, licences and easements
  • regulation of buckshee leases
  • by-laws under the Indian Act, including trespass, animal control, range use and zoning
  • laws under the Family Homes on Reserve and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act, including the production of brochures and presentations for community
  • drafting Land Codes and providing presentations to community, staff and Council in advance of a vote
  • litigation to resolve traditional holdings disputes
  • implementing Land Codes, including through the drafting of:
    • matrimonial property laws
    • lease, licences and permits and registration documents
    • other laws such as animal control, trespass, expropriation, special events, environmental management, fire protection, zoning, allotment, business licensing and community protection (dangerous offenders)