Economic Development

We assist First Nations with  economic development projects.

We can help you assess and activate opportunities in a strategic manner.

We provide practical and straight-forward support with all aspects of business operations, including managing the relationships between band-owned corporations, community, administration and elected leadership.

We are also able to recommend other trusted professionals in specific areas such as economic analysis, taxation, engineering, surveying, and environmental assessments who may be needed to successfully move forward.  We look for what works, which may not be what others are doing.

Past work has included:

  • structuring to maintain tax exemptions
  • assistance with feasibility studies
  • funding applications
  • financing, including through the First Nations Finance Authority
  • presentations to Council, community and senior government officials for proposed projects
  • letters of intent
  • leasing
  • licensing
  • permits
  • joint venture agreements
  • impact benefit agreement
  • shareholders agreements
  • removing directors
  • managing relationships with locatee landowners for joint projects
  • memoranda of understanding from shareholders
  • terms of reference for directors
  • board governance training
  • corporate finance policies
  • corporate employment policies